littleSVG is an SVG and SVGZ optimizer that can drastically reduce the file sizes of your SVG images. Using lossless optimization, it is possible to reduce file sizes up to 60% in some cases! Just drag your SVG or SVGZ files into littleSVG, and click one button to optimize the entire batch. littleSVG can provide an identically rendered image with no discernible visible differences from the original.

NOTE: littleSVG is intended to be run on files that have been edited in editors such as Inkscape or Illustrator. littleSVG attempts to optimize the file, and will as result change the file’s structure. littleSVG will not work well on hand edited SVG files. NEVER overwrite your original files!

Features of littleSVG:• Optimize your website graphics for faster loading times.
• No need to learn command line tools!
• Built using the latest SVG optimization tools.
• Completely configurable with a variety of options.
• Incredibly fast and efficient!